Instagram (IG) started out as a fun way to share pics with friends but has easily turned into a great way for businesses to advertise and market themselves. IG is free and can be used in many ways to promote products, communicate to customers and even gain more customers. As of June 2018, IG had 1 billion active users.

Instagram Trends 101:

  • Photos are more popular than video in IG- Only 15.6% of people watch videos verses the 84.4% who scroll through photos. This isn’t to say that videos don’t have marketing ability on IG. In fact, many videos have made people an overnight sensation. But most people would rather scroll pics than take the time to watch a video.
  • Photos more popular than stories on IG- About 36.6% of people watch stories verses the 63.4% who scroll through photos. Just like videos, stories have their place on IG but if you want to present a marketing front, photos appear to be more popular than anything else.
  • Seems everyone posts on their IG stories- Only 13.4% of people do not use their IG story verses the 86.6% that post regularly. While stories don’t appear to be much of a popular choice, keep posting anyways because trends on social media are always changing.
  • IGTV videos are not very popular- Out of 100% of people, only 17.8% watch IGTV videos. IGTV was created so that people could upload longer videos. While they haven’t been very popular, now that a new IG feature allows them to pop up in feeds, they may see more action.
  • Hashtags are and will remain a great marketing strategy- About 83.6 percent of IG frequenters use hashtags. About 71.9 percent of people put these hashtags in their comments whereas some people put them in the comment section. Thirty hashtags can be used at a time but only 19.8% of people use all 30.

These hashtags are a great way to market your business because people follow hashtags and your pic or video has the advantage of popping up on their feed. In fact, 59.3 percent of people follow popular hashtags.

Ten Top Trending IG Hashtags:











People do click on ads – About 81.6% of people click on IG ads. While many people complain about always seeing ads, they appear to be working. So, keep posting them.

People love IG – A whopping 85.1% of people love IG while 14.1% of people claim that it’s stressful. For the most part, those who love IG (50.5%) spend 1 to 3 hours a day on it.

The number of followers is important t- An outstanding 72.9% of IG users say they care about how many followers an IG page has. Growing your followers should be done both naturally and organically when it comes to your IG account. Now 58.8% of businesses have an IG account so followers have become even more important.

Social media has many great platforms when it comes to marketing your business and IG is one of the more popular ones. IG shopping is now starting to trend too! This is yet another great way to market your company. Look for it!

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