FOMO is the fear of missing out and it’s real in every sense of the phrase. When it comes to online, FOMO should be a standard feeling. You should always be looking for what’s trending. As most know, LinkedIn is the prime social media app for all things business, which includes sales and marketing. It is also the best place to allow social media reach to expand. It has become a super-mega platform for customers, employees, entrepreneurs, influencers and potential prospects to come together to communicate, to meet, to set up future advances and to create collaborations together.

How much do you know about what LinkedIn has to offer when it comes to sales? Are you part of the FOMO group? If so, here are some helpful tips. LinkedIn Helps Your Brand- Your brand is everything when it comes to your business.

LinkedIn Can…

Promote Lead Generation:

People are looking for information and research about your company’s service or product, therefore, LinkedIn can attract new customers right to you. With that comes increased web traffic, more sales opportunities and overall growth.

Create Brand Growth:

By having a LinkedIn company page, active employees can share about your company’s events, sales strategies and even about the brand itself.

Attract Top Talent:

By updating, sharing and showcasing services and products frequently, top talented candidates will be more attracted to your company. In fact, according to Glassdoor, 79 percent of applicants use social media for their job search.

Broadcast Your Content:

As a social recruiting strategy, LinkedIn is perfect for broadcasting content on.

Allow for a Direct Line of Contact:

The main attraction for any business profile is to attract more customers. However, keeping your connection open with current and new customers is important also. Keep a connection open by posting and sharing frequently. Customers do not like a ghost profile.

LinkedIn Helps Through Proximity:

Proximity is defined by closeness via relationship, time and/or space. You may have heard about 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level connections on LinkedIn, this is in reference to proximity. How close are you with your customers, prospects, connectors, potential talent and influencers?

Knowing about proximity is important because if you are known by others, it creates growth. If people do not know about your business, how can you expect growth? If your business easily gets outshined by other businesses, it can be hard to catch up to those other businesses. Proximity is critical for your business.

Get More Connections, Get More Sales on LinkedIn:

You can increase your proximity which allows you to build more connections, which generates more sales.

  • Connect with purpose in mind
  • Be the first to initiate a connection request
  • Stay in touch with your connections
  • Identify 1st degree connections and send them a message
  • Post and share engaging posts that will attract attention

Building online connections is vital for a successful business, if you don’t have an online presence, it’s time to shift your business priority. If LinkedIn isn’t part of your business strategy, it’s time to re-strategize.

Don’t let FOMO ruin your business plan.

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