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Your Winning Social Media Content Guide


There are TONS of social media sites and ways to connect with people on them, but what are the benefits of each type of post? Whether you are a small company or a large corporation, content might be the most difficult hurdle in your marketing plan right now. Check out this article to get the run down!

A post is content shared by a person or business’s social media profile. Many social sites have popped up in the past decade or more, with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, & Twitter being the most prominent. Newer social sites such as TikTok and Alignable are quickly gaining steam. Most social sites are home to millions if not BILLIONS of people. You can’t afford to skip out on such a large potential customer base. 

Most of us know that there are different types of posts we can use across multiple platforms. On social media, we have still posts, reels, videos, and stories. Some sites also give you community platforms like “groups” to work in as well. These groups can be utilized to also build excitement in an already existing customer base, making this great for client retention. Video posts can include thumbnails, which are cover images that are used to draw in someone to watch your content. 

This article will tell you about the benefits of each type of content and why you need them all. Once you are armed with the right kind of information you will be able to make calculated decisions when it comes to social media strategy. Always plan out your content ahead of time, it will make all the difference!

No two businesses are alike and therefore no two businesses should have the same social media strategy. Do your research and consult with an agency as to which social site & type of content is the best for you. Check out our recommendations below to get a crash course! 



Still Posts

Still posts are posts that are not moving (non-video posts). They are either just text-based or image-based. We prefer to use images over text, as they are more popular on social platforms. Anytime someone can see an image vs just reading words on screen they tend to connect to that better. 

Social Media Still Posts

Keep in mind that still posts are important when you want to deliver one singular message. A still image can be easier for someone to read and follow. It comes down to goals & the platform. We recommend that you use still posts to fill in the gaps between other kinds of content, such as reels and videos. On average, we can make 2-5 still posts in the same time it takes to edit one video.

There are many apps that you can use on your phone that make it easier to create content. Apps like Canva, InShot, & MotionLeap all give you a variety of ways to add filters, layer text, add borders, and more to posts. Keep in mind quality in, quality out. Always make sure the image that you start with is as high-resolution as possible. 

Still posts can be effective, especially when you use targeting (boosted posts). Still posts should almost always be boosted if possible, as they are the least likely to get engagements on social media without it. Gone are the days when reach is enough. Now businesses focus more and more on engagements because it gives them the best chance to not just reach prospects, but the RIGHT kind of prospects for them. We all prefer clients who are also fans of what we do, versus someone who is a “passer-by” trying to price shop. 

Still posts are also the most common type of posts and are expected by most audiences. If people are short on time they may perceive still posts as “quicker to go through” as well. Make sure you keep that in mind when you make your still post. Is it easy to read? Do the colors mesh well? These are all things to consider going into the editing process.  

On certain social sites like Facebook & Twitter, you can post multiple photos in one post. If you do this, always make sure your best photo is the FIRST one. After the 3rd photo, your average person is already on to the next post, so it never hurts to stick to just 2-3 photos max! 


Reel Posts or “Reels”

Reels are similar to video posts but are much shorter. These videos are typically under 20 seconds (most of the time about 10 to 15 seconds). These quick videos are shown on the main news feed and the reels section on Facebook and Instagram. On YouTube their reels are called “Shorts,” but the concept is the same. Reels are also vertical facing, giving them a distinctively different look than video posts (more on video posts later in this article). 

Reels Marketing

They are surging in popularity and we tend to reach thousands of people with fewer ad dollars when we use them! This is intriguing not only from a cost-management perspective but through data collection. Reels are another way we can get information on our audience, so study them carefully after you post them! Analytics can always be found on the backend of your profile in the settings. 

Reels are the cutting edge of new content on social media. Data shows the majority of people are starting to prefer them over regular posts, despite them being so new. Whenever you are making content & managing your social media, you have to be thinking about what is current. What was trending years ago or even months ago might not be as relevant now or not at all. Research and study what is trending before you post on social media. 

In 2022 (and by all metrics in 2023), reel posts typically are a quicker way to get attention to social media profiles. Getting someone to your social profile can be a difficult task as it is with a TON of distractions. Using reel posts might be just what you need to grab the right kind of attention on your page! 

Remember though, that both repetition AND consistency are key. It’s not enough to post a reel once and a while. You should do it as often as possible. Multiple a week if you can, while maintaining a certain level of quality. 

Reels can also be cross-promoted on FB & IG at the same time, which greatly increases the number of potential customers you can reach. There is a share function on Facebook and Instagram, which helps in getting content out there faster. Keep in mind, that if you share a reel from one platform to another it removes the ability to boost the post. However, if you are short on time this might be worth it for the added placement. Another thing to consider is that the algorithms and popular tags may vary on Facebook vs Instagram, especially among age groups. 

When we use reels to promote businesses we tend to reach a lot more people, especially in localized areas. If you are selling a product or service reels are becoming quickly essential. One of the core reasons this is true is because reels drive engagements. Engagements drive website traffic & sales. You always want engaged followers and reels are a fun & effective way to do so!

You can also take clips from your reels and use them in the story feature (story posts/stories) to get more placement on Facebook and Instagram. More on stories next!


Story Posts

Story posts (stories) can be photos or videos. They are housed at the top of your newsfeed in those little circles on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram are the only two social sites using stories currently, but this is expected to change over time. 

Stories Social Media

The biggest difference between stories and other types of content is that they are gone after 24 hours. As marketers, their short period gives us some interesting things we can do with this type of content. Use them to do a special 24-hour flash sale for example. These can be especially great for eCommerce companies looking to get rid of inventory quickly. 

Since story posts are on a different areas of the FB & IG newsfeed, that means you get access to more people. Not everyone is going to be a fan of still posts, reels, or videos. Using story posts might be the only way you reach some people. You should note that they are getting more popular by the day, with studies showing they are already VASTLY more popular than still posts 2 to 1. 

A lot of companies are behind the eight ball and are not using this. It gives our customers a serious edge over their competition when they do! Look at your competitors that are using story posts. What do you like and dislike about their posts? Note that and adapt it to your social media strategy. At the end of the day, you need to find what makes your company special and showcase that in your stores. 

Story posts help give your audience more value just like other social media posts. They build authority more efficiently than other forms of content though. People know that this is something that is gone in 24 hours, therefore when you make consistent unique content in your stories you appear like a much larger company regardless of your size. 

People like seeing the latest content, and stories give the appearance that “this is the latest and greatest things the company is working on.” Build authority online with content like story posts and see the views and engagements wrack up! 


Video Posts or “Videos”

Videos are moving (dynamic) posts on social media. Anything that is not an image is considered a video post (except for gifs). Video posts are on virtually every social site, including but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Sites like YouTube ONLY allow you to post videos. 

Video Marketing Ideas

Instagram just announced it is the main video platform. Will all social sites stick to videos or moving content? It’s a real possibility, so make sure you are armed with knowledge about what they are, why they are important, and how you should use them!

Videos are the hottest content on the market & the most difficult to produce! They are the most sought-after kind of content because they yield powerful results. We need videos because they get 3x the response vs still posts. The social media algorithms greatly prefer it, and not just on Instagram. The goal of any site is to get you there and keep you there. Videos tend to suck us in & before we know it we might be watching content from the same company for hours! Social sites know just how attention-grabbing videos can be, so their algorithms will typically give you a boost for using them. 

Videos give a lot more info in a quick and fun way. Nothing says you care about your prospects more than a well-crafted video. You are telling your prospects you care about giving them value. Today’s consumer is consistently thinking to themselves “how does this benefit me?” and “how will this help my life.” If you address their problems and provide THE solution you are more likely who they will invest in. Videos can be a shortcut to get you there! 

They build value & trust faster. People know videos take A LOT longer to put together, so it makes you look VERY credible quickly when you use them, especially if you do it often. You can even use video testimonials and case studies to focus on trust building. It shows you know your stuff when you can PROVE success through a case study. Having that case study as a video not only makes it a lot more interesting to watch, but it paints a realistic idea of what the prospect can expect to experience if they work with you. 

When we boost videos it takes it to a whole other level! While the algorithms prefer videos regardless, when you boost a video it gives it that much more reach and engagements on average. Video ads allow you to perform targeting. Targeting allows you to reach people in certain areas based on certain interests. This is advantageous for any company, especially those that are tied to a physical location or specific geographic area. 

You can also perform negative targeting to remove people you do not want to see in the video ads. Sometimes removing the people you don’t want to see your content is just as important as making sure people see it in the first place. After all, depending on your business you may not be able to serve everyone who contacts you, just the ones who are the right fit for what you do. 

Video Thumbnails are the images that pop up before you click on a video. They are meant to draw you in. They are used on all platforms that allow video, however, on YouTube, they are the most prominent and essential. Without a good thumbnail on YouTube, you can almost be sure that your reach will plummet on that video. Don’t cut corners when it comes to video, include a thumbnail for EVERY single video post. 

When you have compelling thumbnails people tend to watch your videos longer. The longer people watch your video, the more likely other videos of yours will come up. One of the reasons videos are so effective is repeated views. With the right video, people will watch it again and again. Your average person needs to see your brand at least 5 to 7 times before they even register who you are and what you do. Video posts shrink the time on average it takes to achieve these multiple viewings of your brand! 



Content on social media in general is essential in today’s world. Whether you are a solopreneur or a large corporation EVERYONE uses social media to create brand awareness to drive sales. Your social media content and strategy could be the difference between thriving and closing your doors. Don’t get left behind. Make sure you are using the best quality photos and videos you can before editing. Never start editing posts without a clear plan and direction. 

Know your audience. Who is your target market? What are their needs? All of this should be addressed in your content. Be the problem solver they need! Give them value & always put yourself in their shoes. If you do this and utilize the tactics and types of content we showed you here then you will be well on your way to success! 

Content Guide Social Media

For more information on social media visit our blog page for more. 


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