Businesses have been forced to change up the way they do business and of course, that comes with a lot of disgruntled employees and changes in rules. Things like marketing even have to change because the transactions of business in general have changed.

Empathy and Compassion

Right now, people are feeling more vulnerable than they have in a long time. So now is the time for empathy and compassion. A lot of banks are showing that compassion by waiving overdraft fees and of course, a lot of businesses have tried to make work available from home. For brand marketing, it has to be understood that the same type of needs have to be met and therefore, the brand voice as a whole should be more delicate. Customers, as always, are the prime important factor of any type of business. During the toilet paper “crisis”, Cottonelle created #shareasquare to help consumers to share with each other verses buying all the toilet paper for themselves.

Business Delivery


Due to the change-up of how businesses make transactions, the internet has also had to change-up in order to meet needs. Now, businesses also have to make sure that their content is well-optimized for searching and of course, develop more engaging email marketing campaigns while also making sure that their video marketing also stands out from other businesses. Both the internet and businesses are working hard to create a safe space for people to live out their regular lives during a harsh pandemic.

Marketing Campaign Revamp

Due to this change-up, marketing campaigns that worked well before are not working as well in a world that’s pretty much gone online. Unfortunately, earlier this year, many brands were either suspended, delayed or even shifted. Some companies planned to run their ads during certain popular events so when those events were canceled or delayed, businesses had to rethink their entire strategy.

Looking for Alternatives

Due to the cancellations of so many physical events, many companies have started to look into Live events. Even some TV shows like America’s Got Talent turned to live events using a set-up that had the biggest video streaming call I’ve ever seen. Trade shows and conferences have also started to look online for alternative options and book tours and concerts consist of the same.


Now that more people are trying to do business online verses having to go into a business for their needs, businesses are having to rethink their communication abilities. This means more companies have started to really use social network platforms as a way of communication. Customers want to hear from their favorite businesses, they want to know how the pandemic is being handled and what they can expect to happen.

With the pandemic hanging around this long, there is no sure way of knowing how much longer it will be around. Just like people have to adapt, businesses have to adapt too. Things are changing everyday and it’s important to keep up with how businesses are changing and how branding is changing too.

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