Social media marketing content is not just a holiday affair. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you’re Irish or not – it’s easy to fall into the hype and put on some green. And it’s not just representative of the Emerald Island – but also the coming of spring.

That written, alongside spring cleaning, what can you do to freshen up your social media marketing so that you’re making the most of it – and not just relying on the Luck o’ the Irish?

Here are 5 ideas for some fresh social media marketing content.

1. Choose a Hashtag Holiday to celebrate

There is a #hastagholiday for every day of the year. These can be used as a way for businesses to boost social media marketing engagement, as well as build some brand awareness with a little dose of fun.

For St. Patrick’s Day, the hashtag selections are more obvious. #shamrack. #stpattys. #Irish. #clover. And so on.

What about a non-holiday, like March 18? There are two hashtag holidays on the 18th – Global Recycling Day #GlobalRecyclingDay and Awkward Moments Day #NationalAwkwardMomentsDay.

These hashtags can be tied to your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram just for fun – or as part of a message to grow your business. For example – we all need water. March 22 is World Water Day #WorldWaterDay. This could be a great hashtag holiday to share both to increase brand awareness and care for the planet.

2. Do spring cleaning related social media marketing

Spring is the season of renewal. After a typically grey and dismal winter season, spring is all about starting fresh.

There is no reason not to tie the idea of spring cleaning and renewal into your social media marketing. Offer something fresh for the season as a part of your business. Whether you have goods, services, or both – there are all sorts of ways to incorporate the renewal of the season, spring cleaning, and something fresh and different.

For example – use spring to share a new offering, change something online like the look of a webpage or blog, or anything of this nature to take advantage of the possibilities.

3. Share behind-the-scenes from your business

Too many businesses are nameless and faceless – at least when it comes to the people who do the regular, everyday work. St. Patrick’s Day stereotypically tends to be a day of jovial celebration, letting your hair down, and enjoying having a drink with friends.

Why not do some social media marketing to show the world a peek “behind the curtain” at the people who make your business flow? Show them that real people – like those you are working to connect with and/or sell to – make up your business.

This can be done via a post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with an image of a person and blurb about who they are, what they do, and how they serve your business.

This can be a fun social media marketing idea.

4. Hold a contest

To engage your audience, hold a contest. No need for a prize greater than a social media shout-out and share.

Contests could include a photo contest sharing their St. Patrick’s Day or Hashtag Holiday spirit, a “Caption this” image contest related to your business, a “Sell me on your business in 5 words or less” contest, or something equally engaging to get people to not just look at your social media content – but to engage with it and you.

No prize is necessary – just share on social media who your winner is.

5. Create a social media marketing special

Maybe you create your own hashtag related to St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Passover, springtime, or a Hashtag Holiday like April 3 (Find a Rainbow Day #FindARainbowDay) as a promotion. Offer a special discount, or a one-time service to tie into that as a marketing tool.

You don’t need to give away the farm with this. But having some sort of specially tied into a holiday or event is a great way to build engagement and increase your social media marketing reach.

These are just 5 options for you to consider. There are many other ways you can increase your social media marketing to spread brand recognition, grow your business, and flourish.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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