COVID-19 has really rocked everyone’s world from small to major. It’s disrupted home life, businesses, the economy and has even changed the face of things like marketing. Even though a lot of lockdown orders have been lifted, businesses just can’t seem to get back normal. Especially, since COVID-19 appears to be running in full force once again. This has forced businesses to rethink their strategies and to adapt to some new marketing trends.

Tighter Safety Rules:

Businesses have to follow a certain amount of safety and health standards/regulations so that they can reopen their business. The rules can be found on the CDC website.
Some rules include: trying to bring a remote option to businesses, keeping an eye on employee’s health, avoiding person-to-person interactions, maintaining proper social distancing, etc.

Products Should Be Available Everywhere

The digital age has found a new place when it comes to COVID-19. More business owners are making their products and services available online, even if they were not available online before.
As you can imagine, online shopping is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Products Should be Shop-able Via Voice Command

  1. Smart voice is what allows consumers to shop using their voice, such as Amazon’s Alexa. At this stage in the game, websites should be able to be found using voice commands. If not, your business is already behind the times. Social media is a safe haven for securing online sales. In fact, 72 percent of Instagram users have purchased a product via the app. Seventy percent of users find their products and new ideas through Pinterest.
  2. Some voice optimization tactics to help you make your products voice-shoppable:

Optimize for non-branded queries
Optimize your website for featured snips
Participate in different projects online such as Google’s projects
Check into intent optimization

VR and AR

Virtual reality and augmented reality have become increasingly popular trends within the marketing world. The Oasis (Ready Player One) might not be as far off as we think and that’s what consumers want. Shopping gives consumers the ability to escape, that’s why ads have to be so mesmerizing. But, imagine being able to virtually take a person where you want. They would buy whatever you are selling in a heartbeat, if you could offer them such an escape.

Interactive Content

91 percent of consumers are looking for more visual and interactive content. They want something that stands out. Interactive content also keeps users on your website longer.

Content Marketing

Having good content is nothing new. As a marketer, you know how important this is but you can’t make a trending marketing list without including the king. High-quality content is what separates your website from everyone else’s website. It is the first communication with consumers, so it better be good.

COVID-19 is changing so much around the world, it’s changing how business works. But, it’s also changing how people work and how people think about the world at large. In a lot of ways, COVID-19 has made us all take a step back so we can learn how to get to the future, more efficiently and more productively and it’s changing the face of marketing right along with it.

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