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Due to COVID-19’s unexpected change, businesses have had to change the way they do business. Things like B2B marketing just has not had the best year for 2020.

Five Best Business to Business Trends

Better Outlook

The belief on marketing is that it is evil. Due to the pandemic however, this outlook has started to change. Marketers, particularly B2B marketers, have been more tactful, compassionate and altruistic.

Changing Methods

A lot of companies are shifting their focus to things like ABM (account-based marketing) and other tactics. Companies are doubling down on up-selling and cross-selling.

Brighter Perspective

B2B buyers are still buying. In fact, one survey shows that 53 percent of respondents are in the market for B2B products and services.


Due to COVID-19, in-person events have taken a back burner. In April alone, the PCMA reported that 87 percent of in-person events were canceled and 66 percent were postponed. But, B2B marketers have used this to their advantage by helping to make events virtual.

Home-Based Businesses

Productivity is changing due to COVID-19’s unpleasant visit. Now, most people are working from home and that does not appear to be changing anytime real soon. This has also shifted business outcomes to require new routines, work habits, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Five Worst Business to Business Trends

Stuck in Conformity

Marketing can look the same and B2B marketing usually does. To break free of that, you have to be willing to stand out even if that means standing alone.


There are so many cliches in the marketing realm it can feel like you’re on a blind date with a person who only speaks in cheesy pickup lines. If you find yourself talking in cliches, simply rephrase what you are trying to say.

The Spam of Social Media

You are scrolling through social media and all you see is ad after ad and most of them are not even that compelling. It’s just a bunch of spam. If this is your business ad, and you’ve just been spammed, you’re already in a world of hurt in your endeavors. This all goes back to the worst trends 1 and 2, you have to stand out.

Don’t be Data Driven

This is a trend that a lot of marketing companies think they need, but you don’t. You need growth, not more data. B2B marketing should not be measured in a number of clicks or generated leads, B2B marketing should have the ability to drive real business growth.

What’s the “New Normal”

When anything changes, it’s always considered the “new normal”, even if it’s only happened once. Labeling things right off the bat barely gives it a chance to survive. Things change from day-to-day and that is really all there is to say.

Marketing trends are always changing, even when there isn’t a virus causing businesses to make major changes. It’s important to stay up-to-date and keep your marketing department aware.

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