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It should be no secret by now how important blogging is for your company. Specifically, SEO blogging. With Google’s lovely little algorithm updates, SEO seems harder than ever to stay up-to-date with. Right now, SEO’s trendiest practices are all about intent and relevancy. So, by the time I get this article written it will already be outdated by some new and trendy go-to SEO trend. But, we’ll give it a go anyway.

Optimizing Your SEO

1. Use Long-Tailed Keywords

When SEO first came to light, it was all about listing off keywords and trying to fit them into a blog whether they made sense or not such as, car shopping in Dallas (which makes perfect sense) or car shopping Dallas (which makes less sense and becomes awkward when you’re trying to make a sentence out of it. Now, it’s about learning how much this can hurt your SEO. Why? Because search engines see this as keyword stuffing just so your page has a higher chance of being highly ranked in a search. Doing this, however, makes for a terrible reading experience. And, if your page doesn’t read well, how can you expect people to listen to you?

The trick is to use words that can be worked in organically and feel good within sentences. To pinpoint these areas of SEO by using long-tailed phrases. These are longer phrases built into a sentence versus short words that make little to no sense. Example: Where Can I Find Cars in Dallas? By doing this, you increase your chances of appearing in search engines.

2. Go Mobile Friendly

People do not read blogs on their PCs or laptops as much as they read them on their iPad’s, tablets, or phones so do yourself and your business a huge favor and go mobile. Plus, Google displays mobile-friendly results before any other results.

3. Use Image Alt Text to Optimize Your Images

Images are super important when you are blogging because many of us are visual learners and a picture helps. Plus, search engines look for images, but not just images, ones with alt text. Alt texts tell the search engine what the image is about, which ranks higher on the search ranking.

You can do this by:

Using descriptions
Using keywords, but avoid keyword stuffing
Trying to be specific but staying under 125 characters

4. Steer Clear of Too Many Tags

While tags are important, too many of them can get you penalized by search engines for having duplicate content. So in referencing the car again, “car”, “cars” and “car shopping” are too similar to use as individual tags.

As you can see, the world of SEO has changed a lot since it first started to trend. Staying up-to-date is hard since it’s always changing. But certain aspects of SEO do remain unchanged and a few of these tips have stood through all the changes.

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