Creating your YouTube video is only the first step. Flintzy can help with the next.

Your business is always seeking new ways to grow. One of the best means to that end is digital marketing.

There are many avenues for digital marketing today. They begin with having an SEO (search engine optimization) optimized website. From there, it’s just a question of the various channels for promotion.

One of the best up-and-coming channels for that is YouTube. That’s why CosMarketing Agency offers the creation of YouTube videos as a service.

But once the video is created, how do you spread the love and share it with a broader, hungry audience?

Enter Flintzy

Don’t let the name fool you. Flintzy is a powerhouse company for promoting YouTube videos.

Flintzy, like CosMarketing Agency, is a small company. But they have only one purpose: To take YouTube videos and promote them far and wide.

What is Flintzy? From their website – “Flintzy is a powerful and effective YouTube promotion platform that helps you reach the right audience for your YouTube video.
We focus on getting as many viewers (with similar interests) as possible to watch your content!”

Flintzy has done one thing extremely well – created connections to multiple networks, blogs, apps, games, and other social media platforms. Through these, they help YouTube videos get promoted, gain organic views, and promote and foment growth for your company.

Analytics are created to show how effective a given video campaign has been.

What’s more, Flintzy maintains a regular blog – where they share tips and tricks for YouTube video creation, trends, and how-tos.
Recently, they featured CosMarketing Agency in one of their blog posts.

Why does CosMarketing use Flintzy?

CosMarketing Agency focuses on many different avenues for digital marketing. While we have the talent and creative skills to make YouTube videos – promoting them far and wide is a business in and of itself!
Flintzy has been an outstanding resource for us to spread the distribution of your social media marketing. With the help of their team, we are able to reach a much wider audience that extends worldwide!

What’s more, it’s not like CosMarketing Agency is shirking their duties by making use of Flintzy and their tools. Rather, Flintzy works as an agent for CosMarketing Agency just as we work as an agent for you and your business.

Together, we optimize our work.

What does that do for you and your business? It expands the distribution of your video and gets you more noticed. In that way, CosMarketing Agency and Flintzy work together like a well-oiled machine (or, more appropriately, an ultra-fast multi-core CPU processor) to give you and your business the most bang for your buck.

YouTube videos get you noticed

Employing videos to share, grow, and promote your business has become an increasingly effective tool. While still posts on Facebook and Instagram are excellent, video tends to gain more notice.

YouTube has helped more than one business expand its reach and message. But making the video is just the first step. Doing whatever you can to share that with the world gets you more noticed. That is how your business can grow and thrive.

CosMarketing Agency will do everything we can to help your business ultimately flourish. To that end – working with Flintzy to distribute the videos we create for you means you are free to concentrate on your business. CosMarketing creates your videos and works with Flintzy to get them out there and increase your brand recognition.

Isn’t that a great way to optimize your time to grow your business?

Looking for digital marketing assistance? Call, text, or email CosMarketing Agency today.

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