Let’s learn about the top 3 marketing trends for small businesses! Now that 2019 is here, new trends in social media marketing are bringing companies and customers together, faster. But with the fast-paced changing internet and new and emerging social media outlets, companies need to keep up with their ever-changing customer’s many wants and needs. Not every customer will respond to the same Ad, picture, or activity. Companies need to adopt and adapt to several different forms of engagement, not only to keep customers happy but to continue to bring in a steady influx of new customers. Some companies solely rely on social media as a form of advertising and showcasing their products and services to customers.

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Choosing how to use your company advertising budget wisely to get the most traffic to your website may consist of several different options in this high-tech world. Years ago, simply placing an Ad or two or a few posts on Facebook was your only option. Now with many popular social media sites and apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more, the power to reach millions of people is easier. But how do you keep your company from getting lost in the sea of millions of other companies fighting for hard earned consumer dollar?

Having a reliable and experienced marketing company can make all the difference in your company’s growth and sales! Want to stay relevant on the internet? Here are some of the latest ways customers are finding what they want, from companies like yours.

Top 3 marketing trends for small businesses – Consumer videos:

The average person may spend many hours a month watching videos from others reviewing products and services, before they commit to a purchase. From the newest shampoo they have tried to unboxing goodies sent to them, people are engaging others with selfie video reviews. These well-placed videos on your website or social media site account of your choosing, allows potential customers to see people they can relate to using a product or service they may need now or in the future!

Top 3 marketing trends for small businesses – Influencers:

Influencers can be normal everyday people to celebrities that have a large following on one or various social media platforms. These followers not only trust the Influencer, but will try products and services deemed worthy by them! Having the right Influencer try, like and review your company by either picture, video, posts or blogs, can generate millions in future consumer sales. Giving out free product or service to this highly followed and admired person is a small price to pay for others to try your company at full price.

Top 3 marketing trends for small businesses – Chatbots & Messenger:

The top 3 marketing trends for small businesses include things that drive online engagements. Companies using messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp can now provide better customer service easily with this trend. There are people that prefer not to pick up the phone to get their questions answered for various reasons. Multitasking, too much background noise, screaming kiddies, etc. make Chatbots and Messaging a much-needed asset to your websites and social media marketing venues! Answering questions and even up-selling are possible in this form and the average person is using this method to meet their customer service needs. Quick, easy, and convenient, you can provide instant customer service, making the customer engagement a happier experience for both. Happy customers make for repeat sales and more word of mouth recommendations!

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