Social media is where it’s all happening and by it, I mean everything. So, if you don’t have a few platforms set up with your business name, you should probably get on it.

Right now, Facebook has 2.23b MAUs (monthly active users), YouTube has 1.9b, What’s App has 1.5b, Messenger has 1.3b, Instagram has 1b, Twitter has 335m and LinkedIn has 294m. That is a lot of active users to be reaching across different platforms.

How do you choose which social media to advertise on?

Step 1 Target your audience.

Who are you trying to sell to, and does it matter? Yes, it really matters. All social media platforms have different age demographics that businesses can cater to. For example, LinkedIn is devoted to applications that help businesses get ahead while Facebook is devoted to small and large businesses as a whole and a great place for people to get together and play games. Instagram howrever, is a platform designed to find influencers who want to help small businesses to make a name for themselves and it’s also where the younger crowd tends to hang out.

So, who are you trying to attract? Consider gender, location, age, geography, etc.

Step 2 Make a list of goals.

Next, what’s your objective when it comes to social media? Set up your marketing plans, and find out what you really want from social media.

  • Do you want feedback?
  • Do you want to grow your customer base?
  • Are you looking to improve customer service?
  • Are you conducting market research?
  • Do you want to keep your customers updated with new products/services?

Step 3 Figure out your skills and resources.

Once you know these first two steps, figure out what your skills and resources are. Each social media platform is helpful in its own way. Therefore, it’s easier to engage an audience, if you know different resources of skills you want to execute.

Step 4 Maximize your budget.

Think about the cost. Businesses spend on average, 10-13 percent of their annual revenue on marketing alone and about 25 percent of it is put into paid media such as social media platforms.

Here are some tips to maximize your budget:

Set your goals

  • Use S.M.A.R.T: Specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and timely goals.
  • Use ADs that stand out
  • Don’t blend in when you can stand out. It’s the only way to get the attention your business deserves
  • Know your target audience
  • Audience demographics can help to narrow down on what social media sites to use
  • Set up A/B test
  • Set up different headlines, descriptions, images, etc.
  • Create different ads for every social media network

Use different tags and information when you are advertising one social media. Don’t copy and paste, it doesn’t work. Different platforms are used by people because they want a unique experience, so the same is boring.

Social media should be an element used in anyone’s marketing tool belt. If you don’t have a few networks surfacing the internet, it’s time to get some out there. It is a pivotal foothold in the marketing world.

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